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calgary theft lawyerAny minor crime of theft or fraud under $5000 is usually treated as a summary conviction offense. Any offender found guilty of these crimes could face a maximum penalty of up to six months in jail and/or a $2,000 fine. These thefts range from food to motor vehicles, along with frauds and other offences relating to personal property. Thefts or frauds over $5000 are generally considered to be more serious, may be prosecuted by Indictment, and carry far more significant fines and periods of incarceration. Breaking and entering, robbery, counterfeit currency, forgery, arson, mischief and cyber-crimes are included, along with the various forms of ‘white collar crimes.’

Mr. Paul Gracia has defended all sorts of offences that range from a minor shoplifting charge to a multi-million dollar cross-border fraud that involved dozens of boxes of documentary evidence. Mr. Gracia is often able to negotiate a diversion out of the criminal justice system and into one of several forms of restorative justice initiatives that include: the Alternative Measures Program, which is designed for general offenders; the Mental Health Diversion program, which is designed for those suffering from various forms of mental health issues, and the Extra-Judicial Sanctions Program, which is designed for young offenders. The Peacemaker process is another option that may be employed to divert Aboriginal offenders.

In all cases, including more severe and serious cases, Mr. Gracia will conduct a thorough review of all evidence, along with analyzing every angle, then he will advise his clients as to a recommended course of action. Some of the cases will involve a lengthy and complex trial, while others will be quickly resolved through skilled negotiations and timely creative solutions by Mr. Gracia.

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No matter what charge your case involves, Calgary theft lawyer Paul Gracia will dedicate his time to provide the best possible result for his clients. Mr. Gracia will do all he can to protect your rights and freedom. Mr. Gracia has achieved outstanding results for his former clients and he can do the same for you.

If you have been charged with any type of theft offence, it will be worth your time to contact Mr. Gracia. Good representation can provide an excellent outcome and results.

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