Calgary DUI Lawyer Paul Gracia Can Help With Your Impaired Driving Charges.

calgary-dui-lawyerThese offences involve the use of a motor vehicle and include offences such as:

  • Impaired Driving (DUI)
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Failing to Stop for Police
  • Street Racing
  • Hit and Run
  • Driving While Disqualified
  • And Other Driving Offences…

These type of offences can carry pretty severe penalties that include mandatory minimum sentences and involve jail time as these offences are a danger to the public. They also involve significant mandatory driving prohibitions.

The minimum penalty of a 1st impaired conviction is a $1000 fine, plus a one-year driving prohibition. The minimum penalty for a 2nd conviction is thirty days in jail along with a two-year driving prohibition. The 3rd conviction is a minimum of 120 days in jail and a three-year diving prohibition. Penalties increase with each subsequent conviction.

Impaired driving offences (DUI’s) can often be litigated because the accused person generally has nothing to lose. “IF” he or she is found guilty after trial, then the consequence tends to be the same as if he or she had just pleaded guilty. There are numerous possible defences in this area of the law and Mr. Gracia is knowledgeable and experienced in these defenses. It is important for Mr. Gracia’s clients to regain their driving privileges as soon as possible.

Mr. Gracia is an experienced Calgary DUI lawyer that will scrutinize the evidence and identify the weaknesses in the Crown’s case for his clients. Doing this will often lead to a fruitful resolution discussion often leading to the withdrawal of the criminal charges or to a plea to a basic traffic ticket, instead. Mr. Gracia will assess the evidence against the accused, then aggressively prepare a defence that will obtain the best possible result for his clients. You can read for yourself on the “Results” page of his main website, to see what Mr. Gracia has done for his former clients and what he may be able to accomplish for you too.

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