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assault lawyer paul graciaViolent Offences typically involve some form of assault, including: Simple Assault, Assaulting a Peace Officer, Sexual Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Aggravated Assault, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter and Murder. Other typical charges include: Disturbing the Peace, Robbery, Armed Robbery, Obstruction, Resisting Arrest, Uttering Threats and Criminal Harassment.

Domestic Violence charges are by far the most common. Mr. Gracia is often able to negotiate a Peace Bond, which leads to the immediate withdrawal of all criminal charges, under conditions that typically involve some form of counseling and/or abstention from alcohol. Even when a peace bond is not available, Mr. Gracia is often successful in arguing for a conditional discharge, which also leads to the withdrawal of the criminal charges.

Many of the violent offences are often straight-forward and simple evidence, such as “he said, she said” testimonials. However, these cases can also turn out to be quite complex, with evidence involving: fingerprints, gunshot residue, photo lineups, DNA and other forensic evidence, photographs, video, confessions, 911 calls, firearms experts and much more. These complex trials can last weeks, months and even years to resolve.

It is vital to hire an experienced criminal lawyer with any case that involves violence. If you are convicted of any form of assault or domestic assault charge, then chances are you could face jail time, probation, costly fines, restrictions to your freedom and a criminal record. Mr. Gracia has the experience and dedication to assist clients with all cases of violence. Mr. Gracia will use his experience and education, along with his superior knowledge of Canada’s criminal law to defend you against your charges. It is in your best interest to retain a criminal defense lawyer in these times.

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